A-Z list of UK think tanks and jobs pages

An A-Z list of more than 120 UK think tanks, detailing each organisation’s website, ‘About’ page, jobs vacancies page, Twitter handle, address, date of founding and leadership.

UK think tanks on Twitter

A Twitter list of all UK think tanks with a Twitter account.

Map of UK think tanks

Searchable map showing the location of UK think tank offices.

Think Tank Review

The best ideas from every UK think tank, delivered to your inbox in time to start the week.

Smart Thinking

Smart Thinking aggregates on one platform all the latest public policy research and analysis from the leading UK think tanks of the day.

On Think Tanks

On Think Tanks focuses on a range of issues of relevance and interest to think tanks as well as their staff and supporters. They also have a good jobs page.

w4mp Jobs

w4mpjobs is funded by the House of Commons and aims to provide career development opportunities for those working for MPs and those who are looking for a job with an MP or in other areas of political activity, including with think tanks.

Guardian Jobs (Government and Politics)

A common site for think tank vacancies.

Telegraph Jobs (Public Sector)

A common site for think tank vacancies.

Indeed (Think Tank Jobs)

Think tank jobs as listed on Indeed.co.uk.

Who Funds You?

Who Funds You? promotes funding transparency among think tanks and political campaigns with a strong public policy or research focus.


Transparify provides the first-ever global rating of the financial transparency of major think tanks.